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Team Relentless

2020 Team Relentless Training Details:


This club is open to all middle and high school level wrestlers who are interested in improving their skills.

Practices will typically be held at Waukesha South High School (Sundays) and at Waukesha North High School (Tuesdays).

Practice times vary based on location so be sure to check the schedule!

The Waukesha West "Fight Nights" are an additional training opportunity this year -

we have moved our Team Relentless Sunday practice times to accomodate these events!!

(NOTE: the Fight Nights at Waukesha West are a separate $10 fee that would cover all matches/all sessions)

Click here for more information regarding Fight Night

Practices will be run by USA Wrestling sanctioned coaches, and will focus on learning the basics of Freestyle and Greco.

Current USA Wrestling Card is required ($40). This can be obtained on the USA Wrestling website:

Club fee of $50 is required. This fee is paid on the Waukesha Wrestling Club's website and it covers all scheduled practices.

Questions - Contact Ryan Green:

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