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Important Practice Information


1.  PLEASE KEEP STREET SHOES OFF THE MATS. Gym shoes or wrestling shoes should not be worn outside prior to practice. Change into them mat-side.  It is important to keep the mats clean.


2.  Finger nails will be checked at every practice, so make sure they are trimmed.  Long finger nails create scratches/scrapes that are open wounds that can be infected, so it's very important to keep nails trimmed weekly so that you don't miss practices or tournaments.  (It's a good idea to keep a finger nail clipper in your wrestling bag)


3.  No necklaces, bracelets, earrings or any other jewelry allowed to be worn during practice.


4.  Gym shorts, t-shirts, socks and clean shoes to be worn to practice.  Absolutely no street clothes, jeans, jean shorts or other clothing that has zippers or buttons to be worn to practice. Wrestling shoes and head gear are recommended, but not required.  If inappropriate clothing or shoes are worn, the wrestler may not be able to practice.


5.  PARENTS:  All coaches (including parent helpers) must have had a background screening prior to coaching/helping with any of the wrestlers.  


6.  PARENTS:  There is not any spectator room available in the wrestling room at West.  The rolled up mats around the walls in wrestling room are not seats for spectators.  Parents must wait in the hallway (THANK YOU!), and please respect the school.


7.  It is very important that wrestlers shower after EVERY practice to help reduce the possibility of acquiring an unwanted skin infection!


8.  Please wash clothes after every practice to help reduce the growth of disgusting fungi!  Also, kids do notice when other kids have smelly clothes, so don't let your child be that kid!


9.  Only water bottles are allowed in wrestling room, please NO sport drinks.


10.  Wrestlers should eat modestly before practice, preferably fruit/nuts or something light and healthy.  Try to avoid large amounts of food right before practice as it could cause for an unfavorable experience for the wrestler.


11.  Be ready to wrestle at your designated practice time.  We will start right on time.  Bring a bag for your belongings so they do not get kicked around during practice.

Please remember that we are guests at the school.
The Waukesha Wrestling Club is entirely a volunteer organization and we are not sponsored by the School District.

Let’s respect the facility and stay in the designated practice area.

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